7 09, 2014

Writing your first unit test – Part 1

By |2019-04-17T15:58:31+08:00September 7th, 2014|C#, TDD / BDD|2 Comments

In this post, I am going to show you the thought process and steps that I take while doing TDD. I am going to focus on a simple scenario. This will show you the baby steps that I take while writing my unit tests. This is going to be a two-part tutorial. In this first part, I am going to show you how to follow the 3 step process of TDD i.e. Red, Green & Refactor. I am going to [...]

25 05, 2014

Useful Tools and Utilities That I Use

By |2016-11-24T14:12:50+08:00May 25th, 2014|C#, Tools & Utilities|Comments Off on Useful Tools and Utilities That I Use

Over the years I have used a lot of tools and utilities that I found really useful. Some of these tools increase my productivity and some just make life easier for me. Some tools made me addicted to them and I started each similar software with their perspective. Here I will share a list of tools and utilities that I use everyday. I will keep on adding new tools. I am just writing about these tools because I love them and [...]

25 04, 2014

Single Responsibility Principle

By |2019-04-18T18:18:19+08:00April 25th, 2014|C#, Design Principles & Patterns|1 Comment

In modern day world just knowing how to write code is not enough. If you have ever played chess, you would know that the way grand masters play their game is totally different from the way novice or even intermediate players play. It has been proven scientifically that grand masters are always playing for patterns in a game of chess. When a beginner is faced in a position he just starts thinking of all the possible moves that he [...]

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