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11 03, 2015

Resharper Tips & Tricks

By |2019-04-18T16:43:37+08:00March 11th, 2015|C#, Tools & Utilities|Comments Off on Resharper Tips & Tricks

Resharper is perhaps one of my most frequently used tools, I use it every day and It is one tool that I have gotten so addicted to over the years that I find it very hard to work on a machine where Resharper is not installed. Today I will share with you some of the Resharper features that I use every day and I find very useful. I am using Resharper's IntelliJ key bindings and NUnit project, so the [...]

25 05, 2014

Useful Tools and Utilities That I Use

By |2016-11-24T14:12:50+08:00May 25th, 2014|C#, Tools & Utilities|Comments Off on Useful Tools and Utilities That I Use

Over the years I have used a lot of tools and utilities that I found really useful. Some of these tools increase my productivity and some just make life easier for me. Some tools made me addicted to them and I started each similar software with their perspective. Here I will share a list of tools and utilities that I use everyday. I will keep on adding new tools. I am just writing about these tools because I love them and [...]

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